DIY: Is Your Child’s Face Growing Favorably?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your child’s face is growing favorably, you can find out with a very easy test.

And if caught early enough, there is a solution that can help guide your child’s facial growth so that you can help prevent later orthodontic work and optimize facial esthetics by addressing problems such as a deep overbite, an under-bite, mouth breathing and other problems that can possibly affect long term health.

1.)   Using a piece of ribbon, measure the distance between the edge of the upper front tooth and the very tip of the nose (furthest point forward)

2.)   Mark those points with a pen.

3.)   Using a millimeter ruler, measure the distance between the two ink marks. This is the Cosmetic Line.


4.)   Compare your child’s Cosmetic Line to the chart.

Cosmetic Line Chart

If the Cosmetic Line is 5-mm or greater than the ideal measurement, this is an indication that unwanted facial growth has already occurred. If so, Biobloc Orthotropics® can help. Find out more in the video below, you can also contact Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian at (831) 438-4411 for a consultation.