Featured Testimonial

Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, CA

Our 12 year old son Aneel has been undergoing orthotropics treatment with Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian. Since treatment began, we have seen a tremendous change in his overall health. Years of mouth breathing had caused Aneel to have sleep apnea, poor digestive issues, constipation, focus problems, a small appetite, hypotonia and not growing or thriving like a normal child. In fact, he would only gain about a pound or two between each annual check-up. Aneel’s chronic mouth breathing habit was caused by several innate physical reasons: Aneel had a very narrow airway passage and a narrow upper palate. Aneel also had large adenoids and constantly swollen tonsils.
His lymph nodes were also often swollen and painful. We saw many doctors( GI’s, ENT, Allergists, Pediatrician, and Physical therapists) and had countless amounts of testing performed, but all these doctors thought his problems were either allergy related or caused by digestive disorders. None of them could make the connection between how all these issues were related to being a lifetime mouth breather, even though we had mentioned it on several occasions to all of them. It is also interesting to note that, before seeing Dr. Ariana, we had consulted with two orthodontists over a period of two years. Neither of these orthodontists ever showed any concern about Aneel’s narrow palate and his mouth being constantly open. They were mostly concerned about the slow progress of Aneel’s baby teeth falling out, and they thought possibly adult teeth would have to be removed to allow for a perfect alignment of teeth and a nice smile. At this point, we felt something did not make sense. I was googling mouth breathing one day, and the name Joy Moeller (an international leader in Myofunctional Therapy) popped-up. She is a mom whose son had similar symptoms to Aneel. After consulting her on Skype where she saw Aneel’s very narrow palate and poor tongue posture, she educated me on how all these issues are related to mouth breathing, sleep apnea and crowding of the teeth in the mouth. She recommended orthotropics, a treatment available in the USA that many people, including most orthodontists, are not aware of it’s existence or how successfully it can reverse all these detrimental health problems.

Dr. Ariana is a leading Orthotropics specialist in Northern California recommended to us by Dr. William Hang who practices in Los Angeles. Dr. Ariana recommended a sleep study be performed which confirmed Aneel had sleep apnea, and she also told us to see an ENT to evaluate the condition of Aneel’s tonsils and adenoids. The ENT
confirmed Aneel’s tonsils and adenoids should be removed to enlarge his airway passage. Dr. Ariana proceeded to expand Aneel’s palate, and shortly thereafter, his adenoids and tonsils were surgically removed. After several months of palate expansion, Dr. Ariana began moving Aneel’s lower jaw forward. During this process, Aneel started seeing a Myofunctional therapist whose job is to strengthen and exercise the facial muscles which have been weakened from years of breathing, chewing, and swallowing incorrectly. Most importantly, consistent proper lip closure and tongue posture is critical for the Orthotropics treatment to have a permanent successful outcome.

Aneel’s treatment is still ongoing, but there has been a significant improvement in his overall health. In the last year, Aneel has gained at least 10 pounds and grown about 5 inches. He is more energetic and his personality is more outgoing and happier. His appetite has grown substantially. Aneel has become more athletic and now enjoys sports for the first time. Previously, he would tire easily and struggle with breathing and lack of energy. He used to be very shy and reserved, but now he is a dynamic little chatterbox. He sleeps more soundly and the dark circles around his eyes have disappeared. He used to have serious focus issues at school, but now his concentration level has vastly improved, and he is an “A” student this year.

Dr. Ariana is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. She has been extremely committed and understanding with us as this is a long and complicated treatment that requires a tremendous effort and patience by everyone to be successful. She cares very much for her patients and thoroughly explains everything that is involved in the treatment. She listens to patient and parent concerns, and she is very quick to respond to emails and phone calls.

This treatment has given our son a chance to live a healthy, productive life while allowing him to breath normally through his nose. It has also corrected the unaesthetic, long and recessed facial profile caused by years of mouth breathing. If Aneel had not had Orthotropics, he would have needed jaw surgery later in life. I feel very strongly that parents need to do thorough research and question when something does not seem right with their children’s health. Who would think that chronic mouth breathing, which is very common, could lead to all these health issues. Our very long commute to see Dr. Ariana once a month is definitely worth it. The entire Ebrahimian staff is very warm and professional, and they make us feel like part of the family. We look forward to seeing the end result.

We want to thank Dr. Ariana and her wonderful staff for all they have done for Aneel and our family. You will always be in our hearts.

Jay & Santok Johnson