Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, CA

testimonials ebrahimian MikeI have spent more time in the dentist chair than anyone ever should. I never knew the dentist could be comfortable and relaxing. It starts as soon as you walk in the door and you are greeted with a smile from the receptionist, who happens to be Tina, Dr. Max Ebrahimian’s wife. I was then offered water or coffee and a very comfortable chair in the waiting room. It’s hard for me to call it a waiting room when it feels more like my living room. Photos of past patients, and of Dr. Max’s family. They say first impressions are everything and after that first impression, I was forever changed. Professionally, I work for the Four Seasons, which everyone associates with five star service. Dr. Ebrahimian is the Four Seasons of dentistry. I can’t call the people that work in his office a staff, I call them family.

When it comes to dental technology, Dr. Max is unsurpassed. After the first visit, Dr. Max was able to calculate what it would take to correct my bite and improve my smile. I live in Hawaii and have always been on the lookout for a good dentist. On the islands, there isn’t too much to chose from. I gladly flew to California to see Dr. Max and have never been happier with my teeth in all my life. People have asked why I was seeing a dentist in California when I live in Hawaii, and when I show them my teeth, they understand. I would never recommend any other dentist ever. I could go on all day with specific examples why Dr. Max Ebrahimian is the best dentist, but I strongly suggest you see for yourself. Words just don’t describe the experience you have when you are with Dr. Max and his family.
Mike, Hawaii

testimonials ebrahimian 4My dentist, Dr. Max Ebrahimian, and his wife Tina, made me feel as if I was part of the family when I first became a patient. Their office staff was friendly and open as well. I had never experienced that in a dental office before.

I was even more impressed by Dr. Ebrahimian’s dental skill. The technology used in his office is amazing. Just having a cap made while you are waiting and put on before you walk out the door is a welcome experience. No more temporary caps and multiple appointments!

I had ground my teeth most of my life and they had become short and worn. While I didn’t like the way they looked, I hadn’t realized that my shortened teeth were creating problems for me. I was over-closed and having trouble swallowing.

Dr. Ebrahimian was so wonderful. He made a composite picture of what my teeth might look like if I chose to have him correct my bite and do a full mouth restoration. He measured my bite carefully many time to make sure it was exact and then worked on my caps. The moment the fixed orthotic was put in place, I no longer had trouble swallowing.

During my full mouth restoration, Dr. Ebrahimian was very concerned that I was comfortable. He helped me pick just the right color and shape for my new teeth after much discussion about what my goals were. He is truly an artist. I loved seeing the composite picture of what the finished product would look like. There was no guessing.

I feel so confident with my smile now, and I get so many compliments about how beautiful my teeth are. I feel as if I’m ten years younger and I smile all day! I no longer have the swallowing issue and I no longer have short, uneven teeth. Thank you, Dr. Ebrahimian, for making such a positive change in my life!
-Maggie, Santa Cruz

Brooke, Santa CruzI don’t know if I have the words to express how wonderful my experience has been and still is with this amazing family and team of people! I even felt like family and through my full mouth reconstruction and all the other odds and ends I could not be happier and more comfortable physically and emotionally. Thank you all so much for your love and guidance and impeccable work! – Brooke, Santa Cruz

RitaI never thought I’d be one to smile before or after my dental appointments! I’m a new woman thanks to Dr. Max. This was actually the best thing I could have done for myself; I’ve got my self esteem back! Most of all, this was the most “pain-free” dental appointment ever. I never felt any pain – the best appointment in my life! – Rita, Boulder Creek

Ellen, Boulder CreekI am the world’s worst dental patient, and I know it. I cringe, I whine, I try not to think about it. However – Dr. Max, Tina, and the entire dental team make the whole ordeal an experience I not only manage, but look forward to. They create an environment that is patient-friendly, comfortable and very very professional. Everyone there is approachable, informed, and highly skilled. With that kind of comfort level, I turned my “smile design” over to Dr. Max, and I am so glad I did. The results were like magic and so completely natural that even my own mother didn’t notice what I’d done. My sister kept forgetting to “check” my teeth – and I finally had to remind her! So: Dr. Max does the magic, the dental assistant holds my hand and chats me up (I am sure she does many technical things, too, but I just love her, that’s all!) and Tina – well, I think she runs the whole show. Kind, warm, efficient, and engaging. I couldn’t be happier to have these professionals on my side.
Ellen, Boulder Creek

BrigetteMy experience in this office has been superb! I am so pleased and satisfied with my new smile, I am in heaven. Thank you so much, Dr. Max. – Brigette- Pacific Grove