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We are excited to be the only dental office on the Central Coast with an in-house orofacial myologist and Buteyko Breathing specialist.  Our hygienist, Jean Shimizu, completed her training in myofunctional therapy and is now able to help kids and adults alike form proper oral habits that are essential to healthy growth and development.

Orofacial myology is a program used to correct the proper function of the tongue and facial muscles used at rest and swallowing.  The act of swallowing is one function that depends on proper patterning.  To swallow properly, muscles and nerves in the tongue, cheeks and throat must work together in harmony.  When a person swallows normally, the tip of the tongue presses firmly against the roof of the mouth or hard palate, located slightly behind the front teeth.  The tongue acts as a wedge which allows other muscles involved in swallowing to function normally.  The hard palate absorbs the force created by the tongue.  Because a person swallows 600-1000 times a day, it’s easy to see how improper swallowing can cause a variety of problems.

Jean is also certified in Buteyko Breathing, a unique approach to eliminating asthma and respiratory allergies.