; Metal-free fillings, crowns and bridges | Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry

Gone are the days of old, ugly silver-mercury amalgam fillings. Drs. Ebrahimian said goodbye to this outdated material over 12 years ago and now provide the latest in esthetic, bonded, tooth-colored dentistry. There are a number of advantages to metal-free fillings, crowns, and bridges:

• Strengthen teeth, rather than wedging them apart like silver-mercury amalgam
• Preserve more natural tooth structure
• Bonded to teeth to provide a seal, rather than just packed into place like silver-mercury

Your metal-free crowns can even be done in one visit! Using CEREC CAD-CAM technology, Drs. Ebrahimian are able to make your crown in the office. This eliminates the need for temporary crowns and second appointments for cementation.